Leave it to the Professionals When it Comes to Replacing Your Furnace

May 04, 2017

You might be tempted to save some dough by replacing your furnace yourself, but in doing so, you are dealing with dangerous voltage and gas lines. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you could harm yourself or worse. Replacing your heating unit is a complex project that is best left to experts. This way you know the job is done right and you save money in the long run.

Why DIYing it Is Dangerous for You and Your Home

Electricity and gas are part of what make a do-it-yourself new furnace installation dangerous. Even if your new heating unit is gas, there are still electrical connections. If you think shutting off the power to your house at the breaker is all you need to do, you might find yourself shocked – literally – to learn that sometimes this isn’t full proof. There may still be live electricity filtering through the wiring, which, as you know, could result in injury and/or death.

According to OSHA, 278 employees died at their workplace in 1999 due to electrical shock. If this can happen at work where federal law prohibits placing any person in danger, it can happen in your home. Avoid the risk of electrocuting yourself and suffering from those consequences, and the same holds true for your gas connections. If you fail to install your new furnace to your home’s electrical and gas lines properly, you run the risk of fire, explosion, inhalation of carbon monoxide, or worse.

How a Professional Can Save You Money

Aside from sparing yourself the DIY dangers, a professional installation can save you money as well. This might seem hard to believe, but there are many considerations that go into installing a new furnace, and the experts are well versed these. For example, you might think that bigger is better – who doesn’t? – but in the case of a new unit, this isn’t always true. An HVAC professional can come to your home and discuss its square footage and design, which is important when selecting your new furnace.

You only need so many BTUs to keep your house warm efficiently in the winter. More or less will cost you unnecessary cash. If you install a furnace that is too big, you’re wasting energy; if you install a furnace that is too small, you’re using up too much energy as the unit fights to keep your house at the thermostat’s temperature. You need to know what size unit your home requires exactly to help save you money on your utility bills. The expert can help you choose the best model in terms of size and energy efficiency, which is likely part of why you need a new furnace in the first place.

Finally, a professional installation also ensures that everything is installed as it should be, which helps your new unit run the way it should run. This keeps you and your family safe, as there is less risk of fire and carbon monoxide. It also saves you the money you would burn when running a unit incorrectly or out of its capacity. Make certain you get your money’s worth initially and over time with this home improvement by enlisting the help you need.